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Kanye West Is No Longer A Billionaire

Kanye West lately known as Ye is no longer in the Forbes list of billionaires. The famous magazine, that lists successful people and their net worth, has this revealed in their latest press release.

Kanye West has suffered multiple damages following his controversial statements, comments and posts online. At one time he was temporarily suspended from twitter & Instagram. The aftermath of all this has seen him lose ties with several companies. Balenciaga and Vogue have already cut ties with the rapper.

Adidas is the latest company that has parted ways with Ye. The father of four has been in a lucrative deal with Adidas via his Yeezy line. This deal saw him valued at $1.5 billion earning him the billionaire status. However, Forbes say Ye’s net worth minus plummets is $400 million.

The Washington Post states the Yeezy brand was bringing roughly $2 billion per year for Adidas before the contract was terminated. This is equivalent to 10% overall revenue for the company



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