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Nyota Ndogo Declines iPhone Offer From Mzungu Fiancee

While many would craze for the recent iphone in the market, singer Nyota Ndogo thinks otherwise. During a recent clip that she shared on her tick-tock account, the talented singer declines iPhone 14 offer.


Nyota Ndogo hubby wants to replace surprise her with the latest Iphone but the coast based singer is not buying the idea. Instead she wants her fiance to save that money to buy a plot and later build a restaurant. This will keep him busy when he retires and comes back to Kenya.


As good as the idea sounds, Nyota Ndogo hubby still insists on buying the iPhone. He assures the coast based singer she can have all that she wants.


iPhone 14 which is associated with class and status costs an average of KSH 3000,000. Already Nyota Ndogo has an Iphone 11 that is still in good shape.




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